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his dads

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His dads.

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Q: Does justin bieber have his moms last name or his dads?
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Is jaxon Bieber Justin Biebers moms baby or dads?


What us Justin Biebers mom and dads middle name?

Justin's moms name is Pattie Lynn Malette and his dad Jeremy jack Bieber

Does Justin Bieber Have Two Last Names?

He goes by Bieber (His dad's last name), But if you ever hear 'Justin Bieber-Mallette' it;s Because Mallette is his moms last name (:

How many moms does Justin Bieber?

does Justin bieber has a stepmom

What was the moms name?

Justin Bieber

Does justin bieber have and siblings on is moms side of the family?

no justin does not have siblings on his moms side of the family

What is Justin Bieber's Moms favorite colos?


Whatbat is Justin Biebers moms and dads name and what they look like?

that is Justin beibers mom and dad

What is the name of Justin bieber's stepmom?

Erin but his real moms name is patty and his dads name is Jeremy his dogs name is Sammy and his stepbrothers name is Jaxon and his stepsisters name is Jazmyn

What is your moms dads dads moms dads dads dads dads name?


What is justin bieber's moms maiden name?

pattie mallette

What was Justin Bieber's moms maden name?

Pattie Burrows :))))