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The episode was aired last night.. I have not seen it yet as I do not live in the states... But from the promo it says she knows her from Hannas dads and Kate's moms wedding, which spencer attended to give support to Hanna

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Q: How does Spencer know Kate off Pretty Little Liars?
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Does Kate die in the Pretty Little Liars series?

No, Kate doesn't die in Pretty Little Liars

How did Hanna's mother kick out Isabel and Kate in Pretty Little Liars?

Isabel and Kate are in Gossip girl not pretty little liars

In Pretty Little Liars Wicked what is the 'complication' Kate has that she tells Hanna?

Kate has an STD.

Why did Kate snitch on Hanna in Pretty Little Liars?

because she is jealous and a manipulator.

What are the book titles in the lying game series?

Ali's Pretty Lies and Crushed are the books that is similar to Pretty Little Liars and The Lying Game.

What happens in book 5 Pretty Little Liars?

Spencer may be adopted. Aria's mom gets a boyfriend, but he kisses Aria. Emily gets a boyfriend. Kate Hannah Naomi and Riley are bffs

Who is Kate in Pretty Little Liars?

Kate is basically just the snobby step sister of Hanna Marin and doesn't have much to do with the Liars or Alison. She was kind of just a part of why Hanna hates her life and of course it is to spice up the drama of Pretty Little Liars. Kate is not A. :) hope i helped u!xx -HKG (Hellokittygir)

Why do Kate and Hanna hate each other in Pretty Little Liars?

Because Kate got Hanna drunk and made her dad mad at her

What books are there for young adult girls?

The Private series by Kate Brian. Also Pretty Little Liars the Series

In Pretty Little Liars did Kate have herpes?

Well, Hanna accused her of having it because she had a cold sore, but she said that she didn't have herpes, that it was something else.....

What is Wicked about from the Pretty Little Liars?

A new "A" begins making threats. Ian denies Ali's murder, Emily has a new boyfriend named Isaac, and Hanna has trouble with her stepsister Kate, who she believes is the new "A". Aria has feelings for a man who soon becomes her mother's boyfriend, and Spencer comes to believe that she is adopted. Hanna and Lucas have a fight after Hanna tells everyone Kate has herpes at a party, and they break up. Hanna's father forbids her from talking to anyone except Kate. Spencer, Emily, Aria, and Hanna find Ian's body in the woods behind Spencer's house.

What did Kate get from her boyfriend in Pretty Little Liars books?

It never told but maybe it will in Wanted coming out in June! Hanna suspected it was herpes (hence Kate's cold sore) and announced it at the Radley party but Kate later confirms to Hanna that it indeed wasn't.