Why is edward mean to Bella?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it depends on what you mean by that. if you mean he crushes her heart,its bcoz he thinks that its dangerous 4 Bella 2 b around vamps.

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Q: Why is edward mean to Bella?
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Are Bella and edward really going out?

IF by you mean Robert and Kristen no but Bella and edward yes.

Who marries belle in breacking dawn?

If you mean Bella, then Edward marries Bella.

What does it mean for Bella is Edward's singer known as la tua cantante?

Bella is Edward's singer because her blood sings for him.

What happens to the baby in twilight?

if you mean Bella's she grows up and lives with Bella and edward

Why does Edward marry?

If you mean Edward Cullen, then he marries Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn.

How does Bella bruise edward by having it?

Bella doesn't bruise Edward, Edward bruises Bella.

Did Robert Pattinson really get Bella pregnant?

do you mean edward ?

In breaking dawn what does Bella mean by my little e.j. is it Edward Jacob or Edward junior?

EJ as in Edward Jr since its Edwards child. Alot of people say its Edward/Jacob but that's not true. I think it is Edward Jacob as Bella loves both of them. Also, Bella blushed when Edward asked her why.

Is Bella for Team Edward or Team Edward?

Bella is for Team Edward.

Who is Edward Cullens dating?

If you mean Robert Pattison who plays Edward he is currently dating Kristen Stewart who plays Bella Swan

Does Bella ever go out with Jacob?

No. Bella's heart is on Edward Cullen. Jacob is Bella's great friend... Even though Jacob and Bella kissed, doesn't mean they will go out. Bella marries Edward and stays with Edward forever. The kiss meant great friendship to Bella. To Jacob it meant love, love, love.

Where is Bella and edward fist kiss in twilight?

Their first kiss was in Bella's bed before they slept together. I mean before Bella slept lying near Edward while she was holding his hand.