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The gift is the pig's head on a stick which Jack leaves as an offering to the beast. The beast is not an animal it is simply the evil within each and every one of us, something which Golding also refers to as 'the darkess of man's heart' in the last chapter. So essentially Jack and his tribe by paying homage to the beast are really giving themselves over as a gift to the darkness, or the evil, within themselves.

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Q: Why is chapter eight called Gift for the Darkness?
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In which chapter does Jack leave in Lord of the Flies?

He leaves Ralph's group in Chapter Eight: Gift for the Darkness on page 127.

Lord of the Flies in which chapter is Simon's place mentioned?

Simon is the Christ-figure in Lord of the Flies. He disappears to private clearings in the island to appreciate and commune with nature. Later in the novel, he goes alone to the top of the mountain to investigate the parachuter. After his death, his body is surrounded by a glowing halo of sea life and drifts away.

What is the Gift for the Darkness in lord of the flies?

The beasts gift was the pig head on the stick.

In what chapter did jack make his own tribe?

Jack made his announced his own tribe in Chapter 8: Gift for the Darkness. He said "I'm going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can com too." In the end of he chapter Jack tries to show his power and steal Piggys specs.

What happen in chapter one the book The Gift by Danielle Steel?

Read the first chapter they have it on google

Did Jack tell Ralph in Lord of the Flies to quit as chief?

No but, in chapter 8: Gift for the Darkness, Jack did ask the rest of the boys to put their hands up if they didn't want Ralph to be chief anymore. None of the boys raised their hands.

What page in Lord of the Flies does Jack ask for a reelection?

The page number may vary depending on the edition of the book but Jack asked "Who thinks that Ralph oughtn't to be chief?" In chapter 8: Gift For The Darkness (on page 140 in my copy of the book).

Which two things does Ralph say that insult jack in chapter 8?

During the meeting in chapter 8: Gift for the Darkness Jack accused Ralph of being a coward. He also said that Ralph was, 'like Piggy. He says things like Piggy.' And that Ralph wasn't a hunter and would never have got meat for the boys.

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What page did jack say im not going to play any longer not with you?

pg 127 if you have the green book with piggy and a fly

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