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The Rigodon de Honor is important to the Philippine culture because it was brought back with Filipinos who traveled abroad during the Spanish Era. It is a square dance the originated in France.

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Q: Why is Rigodon de Honor important to the Philippine Culture?
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What is a rigodon de honor?

Rigodon de Honor is an elegant dance that is brought into the Philippines by Pilipinos when they were in a different countries during the time of Spaniards. Rigodon the Honor is a square formationed dance. Is often follwed bya waltz dance.

What is the History of Rigodon de Honor?

It is traditonal Fililipino "father-daughter' dance.

When was Philippine Legion of Honor created?

Philippine Legion of Honor was created in 1947.

How did the Rigodon dance come to be?

Rigodon de Honor was introduced by the Spaniards. This dance took its name from the opening performances at formal affairs such as President's Inaugural Ball. It is wherein the president, the first lady, and diplomatic corps are the participants.

When did Rigodon de Honor started?

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