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Q: Why is Leo Borlock like everyone else?
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Who is the main characters in Stargirl?

Leo Borlock Stargirl Archie

In Stargirl do Leo Borlock and Stargirl Carraway kiss?

Yes, in chapter 22 Stargirl and Leo kiss

What are some of the reasons Leo borlock hasas to why Stargirl has become so popular?

He is embarrassed that everyone in school won't talk to him because he's in a relationship with Stargirl, so he tells her to try to become a normal girl so everyone could talk to Leo more.

What was Leos crime in Stargirl?

Leo linked himself to an unpopular person. (Stargirl)

What grade is Stargirl in?

In the book Stargirl, Leo Borlock is in 11th grade. Stargirl Caraway is in 10th.

What are 5 things that symbolizes Leo Borlock?

Porcupine Necktie CollectionHot SeatStargirlsorry i could only think of 3.

I have every boss megachip and Leo kingdon megachip what 2 chips am i missin?

Leo Kingdom has three chips, just like everyone else. There's the regular, EX, then SP.

What name in the book Star Girl starts with a B?

Leo Borlock - an 11th grader at the school. He narrates of the storyBarney - a rodent skullArchie Brubaker - a teacher

Who is Leo howard going out with?

Leo howard is going out with Madison Henry her twitter is @madison_henry i think . . well that's what everyone else is saying i don't think it's true!

Who are the main characteers in Stargirl?

Leo Borlock, Stargirl Caraway, Cinnamon, Barney, Mr. McShane, Hillari Kimble, Dori Dilson, Wayne Parr. Archie Brubaker, Kevin Quinlan, Peter Sinkowitz, Senor Saguaro, Mallory Stillwell. These are all the main characters!!

Does anyone have an old leopets account if so neomail me at firemoach please?

no one is going to give you their Leo account. maybe you should actually apply, and try to get in, like everyone else.

What is the sign for 6th August?

Leo's, who enjoy having fun and make sure everyone else is having fun too. Leo's can make a party appear where there is none. They turn every event in a social event. Leo's crave attention. They love being the center of attention. Leo's gravitate towards careers in the entertainment field. Either as an entertainer, like an actor, or in a related area, such as event planner. Only tell a Leo you love them when you are in love with them. Leo's love being a parent, and instinctively know how to raise well-behaved fun loving kids.