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Presumably because she eats fewer calories than she would need to be heavier. If you mean why does she keep herself so skinny, well, no one can know but Ashlee. However, I bet there are a few factors involved, including: (1) she grew up in the shadow of her (allegedly) more talented and (allegedly) better looking older sister; (2) she went through that whole lip-syncing on SNL scandal, which was super embarrassing -- and everyone saw it; and (3) she got a very dramatic nose job on the tabloid stage. Maybe Ashlee feels the need to have some physical example of her "success" or her attractiveness. Perhaps she eats too little because that is the one thing she can guarantee she'll do better than Jessica.

Of course, there is always the smaller chance that her body is naturally that thin.

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Q: Why is Ashlee Simpson wentz so skinny?
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