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As people do share things I assume you are upset because someone is not sharing something with you.

It is not compulsory to share, nor do people always do so. Examine why they have not shared with you.

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Q: Why don't people share things?
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Why should you not share toiletries?

So germs adnd things dont get passed on between people (: to stop any cross contamination

What 3 things do people in a culture region share?

Clothing,language,music,food these are things that people in a culture share

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they share thing that they like and dont like in their life.

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There are many things that people would like to share about their culture. Most people would like to share their traditions.

What knowledge do people share in Japan?

They share things like fashion,food, & science with us.

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some do most dont

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What do users share on You Tube?

they share about the video and sometimes have a random chat they might talk about pregnancy rude things anything SO DONT COPY IF MEAN OR RUDE!

Why should people be allowed to use LimeWire?

People dont need to be using limewire because the share the music!

If you have it you want to share it if you share it you dont have it what is it?

A secret

What is a culural region?

things that people in a culture region may share