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Warren Buffet does not believe in luxuries like several mansions, yacht's, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Aston martin's, crazy parties etc... He is more humble and is not a show off. Whether he does not pursue these luxuries to prove a point to show that they are not important or because he truly does not enjoy them or see the point in them is unknown. But I assume that, that is simply how he is.

He doesn't care about being a big hotshot in showbiz and media. Unlike Donald Trump who is very much associated with nice cars, $20,000 suit $100000 watch, Rolls Royce and beautiful women. Warren Buffet just does not believe in this and maybe wants to set a good example to children around the world, because many children nowadays are indoctrinated by people who "live the dream" and forget about what effort that goes in to achieving such wealth and subsequently power.

Personally, I think Warren Buffet (as smart an investor as he is) is foolish to not pursue living the amazing life and really does miss out. He may be respected around the world a lot, but why the hell does he not just get nice cars and private jets. Well, he obviously thinks that he will be granted a return in the after life or something. Or was brought up to believe that doing those things is the work of the devil or what not. He is probably the type of person that thinks rap music is only for African American drug addicts who killed their entire family (over exaggeration but you get the point).

Some people are like that and people around the world need to stop think so highly of these people.

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Q: Why does warren buffet live in a small house and drive a old car?
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