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he sees color in the faces of people

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Q: Why does the faces change for Jonas at the ceremony?
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In the giver by Lois Lowry What major change occurs for the children after the ceremony of twelve?

The major change the twelves have is that they get jobs and jonas gets the most important job of all

What were the dresses with faces the women in the Olympic opening ceremony supposed to represent?

faces of the volunteers

Why must Jonas father sit apart of the family at the ceremony of twelve?

Jonas' father must sit apart from the family at the beginning of the ceremony because that is the tradition.

How did Jonas react to what his father did at the ceremony?

His kill the kids

Why didn't Jonas want to turn around and see his parents at the ceremony after they had skipped him?

This is more of a thinking question: Jonas was probably skipped in the ceremony because The Chief Elder probably had a special job in mind for Jonas.

Who are the faces on the girl's dress at the opening ceremony?

The were to represent the faces of the people of the world who are watching the events

How will Jonas's life change after this ceremony?

The Giver, an elderly man with a beard and pale eyes like Jonas', is the current Receiver of Memory. He carries the burden of the memories of the world, and suffers from the pain contained within the memories. ... As The Giver begins to transmit memories to Jonas, Jonas becomes upset.

What rule did Jonas break?

He looked up Gabriel's name before the Ceremony

Why does Jonas and asher behave differently as they ride home from the ceremony of twelve?

They knew that it would probably be the last time they would be together like that and that they're lives were going to change.

What did Jonas think a release was in The Giver?

Jonas thought release was a wonderful ceremony, where you would be released into Elsewhere, which in Jonas's mind was a brilliant and majestic land/freedom, where you could be taken of.

What number was Jonas in the ceremony of twelve?

He got passed over and did not get his assignment

What was causing jonas to feel apprehensive in the book the giver?

Jonas was apprehensive in The Giver at the beginning because in the upcoming Ceremony, he would find out his Assignment.