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not very high but I shouldn't be talking cuz I'm only 11

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Do you mean YOU at age 20 or Nick Jonas at age 20, because the answer WILL change.

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Q: What is the chance of Nick Jonas dating a 10 year old?
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What is the chance of Nick Jonas dating a 14 year old fan?

1 out of 1000 i now so sad :[

Is Hannah and nick dating?

The actress who played Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus dated Nick Jonas for about a year in 2006. Nick Jonas has been dating Olivia Culpo since 2013.

Is Nick Jonas dating a 12 year old?

I Think So

Is Nick Jonas dating Selena Gomez?

he was.. for about 1 year.. But Nick is now dating miley Cyrus and Selena is dating Twilght star, Taylor Launter

What is the chance of Nick Jonas going out with a ten year old?


''What is the chance of a 14 year old girl like me have a chance to date nick jonas''?


What is the chance of a 11 year old going out with Nick Jonas?

Very slim.

Would Nick Jonas from the Jonas brothers go out with a 14 year old fan if they have a lot in common?

Only if he meets you and you aren't a wierd like most fans. But still he is dating Selena Gomez. Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas are no longer dating.

Would Nick Jonas go out with a girl yonger than him?

Yea. He is dating a 13 year old!

What are the chances of a 9 year old who is obsessed with Nick Jonas to date Nick Jonas?

not at nine. sorry he is sixteen and he could get thrown in jail for dating a child. they would accuse him of child molesting.

How old was Miley Cyrus when she started dating with Nick Jonas?

Miley said there relationship was 2 years long so they basically started dating each other at the age of 13...

Will Nick Jonas go out with a 13 year old?

he's dating Miley Cyrus again so not now