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Because if u only have the free trial then u don't get all the episodes on a show

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Q: Why does only some of the iCarly episodes air on Netflix?
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When does iCarly Play on the computer?

in the beginning of some of the episodes

What are the ratings and certificates for iCarly - 2007?

iCarly - 2007 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G (some episodes) Australia:PG (some episodes) Brazil:10 Ireland:PG Ireland:12 (one episode) Netherlands:AL South Korea:12 UK:PG UK:U (some episodes) USA:G USA:TV-Y7

Where can you watch all the full length episodes of icarly?

You can watch some full episodes on There's usually at least three or four episodes on TV every day.

Where does Jennette mccurdy get her shoes that she wears on icarly?

She gets it in a store (I'm pretty sure the store is some where in the Earth). Go to to watch all the episodes of icarly.

Why do some Netflix instant stream episodes say disc only?

ive searched all that i can to get this answer and still have not found it. all except called netflix and ask them myself. the best explanation i could come up with is: some episodes may have a certain copyright, multiple ownership or permissions that would have to be obtained and were not able to be. i really dont know. but i dont think asking the phone operator for netflix would give me an answer either.

Where to watch full length episodes of iCarly?

youtube, but i sort of sucks Youtube can be used but it wont give you the full episode always i would say google it you may comment below or just message me.

When is the 4th season of My Little Pony frenship is magic going to be on Netflix?

It will come to Netflix some time after all episodes of the season have aired. Based on how it has worked with previous seasons, it will likely come out on Netflix about a month after the season finale airs on TV.

When is the iCarly victorious cross over?

So far, it's only confirmed to air this year, although it will probably be in either the first half, or in the summer when more people are watching Nickelodeon. It's quite likely that it will air within a few months, as there are only two other iCarly episodes that are yet-to-air.

Where can you watch the Avatar the Last Air Bender pilot episode without commentary?

You probably don't want to hear this, but I'd say netflix. It costs money I know. But, its like $10 and totally worth it. You can order movies and they also have all three seasons available to watch on your computer so you don't have to order them in the mail. I love netflix :P megavidio is great then type it in free this a direct link to watch the movie

Where can one find past episodes of BBC Planet Earth?

Past episodes of BBC Planet Earth can be found in several places. Some of these include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and ITunes.

What is going to be on after zoey 101?

There will be nothing much, people will just be watching more of other shows, like iCarly and Drake and Josh. Have you noticed in Zoey 101 some appearances of iCarly? Like how in one episode, someone is doing something online, and it zooms in and it's iCarly? Zoey 101 will also be sometimes (less) on TV for people who didn't see some of the episodes. Hope this helped.

Is iquit iCarly a 2 part film?

Yes. In some countries it's shown as two episodes; in America it's always seen as an hour long episode, or movie.