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To hide his identity

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Q: Why does meta knight have a mask?
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What does meta knights face look like without his mask?

without his mask Meta Knight looks just like a blue Kirby

What does meta knight look like unmasked?

His eyes are silver and I have proof for this. Kirby's eyes are blue right? When he puts the mask on his eyes are green. So when Meta Knight puts the mask on, his eyes are yellow. So without the mask his eyes must be silver.

Why does meta knight where a mask?

Because he is a knight. They usually have masks. That or the people who made him didn't have a good face to use.

Who is Stronger- Meta Knight or Kirby?

Meta Knight is a lot stronger than Kirby. Kirby doesn't have wings, a sword, a dimensional cape, or the ability to teleport or make tornados.Also, Meta Knight is faster than Kirby and could dodge Kirby's attacks and get away with attacks without retaliation.Meta Knight also has a mask, protecting his whole body.

What does meta knight look like without a mask?

a blue Kirby with white eyes. he freaks out when Kirby removes his mask and leaves.

Who wins sonic or meta knight?

Meta knight

Who is stronger Meta Knight or King Dedede?

meta knight. .

How does meta knight look without his mask?

Without the mask, Meta Knight looks like a blue Kirby with Shoulder Pauldrons, a cape, and a sword. Only unlike Kirby, his eyes are all white. yup, no color at all. Although, he is often depicted blushing like Kirby. Sometimes the blush is white, and other times it's pink. Meta Knight's mask gives the wearer's eyes a yellow tint, so that's why his eyes are yellow when he wears the mask, and Kirby's eyes are green when he wears it in SSBB. (Kirby has blue eyes, and blue+yellow=green)

When meta knight is unmasked does he really look kinda like Kirby?

Yes, under his mask he has a blue body with white eyes.

What does meta knight look like without his mask and stuff?

Surprisingly, he looks JUST LIKE KIRBY! Exept he is blue and has purple feets. Also he's got the little dot on each cheek like Kirby does exept Meta Knight's are white.

How did meta Knight get wings?

Meta Knight's cape turns into Wings whenever he needs it

What is the best way to train with meta knight on brawl?

Fight another meta knight