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i dont know maybe shes an illegell parson or maybe she is an idiot

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Q: Why does lady gaga sing drunk?
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Does Lady Gaga sing Alejandro?

yes lady gaga does sing that sont its on her latest album the fame monster

What was Lady Gaga before she started to sing?

Lady Gaga sang in bars and clubs.

Does Lady Gaga sings the song Optimist?

No, she does not.

What song did Lady Gaga sing at the vma?

At the 2009 VMAs Lady Gaga sang Paparazzi.

Is there a Lady Gaga sing star?

yes lady gaga is the most popluar popstar are singer

Does Lady Gaga sing in country?

Does she sing country music?? No!

Does Lady Gaga sing telephone by herslef?

Lady Gaga sings Telephone with Beyoncé, but it's mostly Gaga singing.

Did Liza Monelli originally sing Bad Romance before Lady Gaga?

No Liza Minnelli did not sing Bad Romance before Lady Gaga.

What does lady gaga wants in her life?


Does Lady Gaga sing telephone?


Why did Lady Gaga start to sing?

She liked it.

Who sing the song Judas?

Lady gaga