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No Liza Minnelli did not sing Bad Romance before Lady Gaga.

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Q: Did Liza Monelli originally sing Bad Romance before Lady Gaga?
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Does Lady Gaga a guy in bad romance?

No, Lady Gaga does not have a guy in the Bad Romance.

What album has bad romance by Lady Gaga?

"Bad Romance" is on "Lady Gaga the fame monster"

What CD is bad romance in?

lady gaga BAD ROMANCE

What does lady Gaga's bad romance mean?

When you have a BAD ROMANCE!!

In Lady Gaga bad romance does she say free or freak?

"I'm a FREE bitch"- Lady Gaga, Bad Romance.

Who composed bad romance by Lady Gaga?

lady gaga of course

How do you get out of a bad romance?

you listen to Lady Gaga's song Bad Romance

What actors and actresses appeared in Gaga Romance - 2010?

The cast of Gaga Romance - 2010 includes: Shane Pascoe as Joyce Maynge

Where was Lady Gaga video bad romance made?

In her studio Haus Of GaGa.

What genre is 'Bad Romance' by Lady Gaga?

Bad Romance is dance-pop.

How do you Use romance in a sentences?

Lady Gaga has a song called Bad Romance.

Who sang bad romance?

it is slovenian actor and model..jure bradac: