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Because she knows that if they try to climb up the tree to kill her, the branch would snap because they are too heavy

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Q: Why does katniss taunt the career tributes?
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What does Katniss do when she encounters with the career tributes?

she climbs a tree

How are career tributes using Peeta?

They want to use him to lead them to Katniss and find out the secret of her high score from him.

Where does katniss in the hunger games shiw signs if loneliness?

in the woods as she searches for water, but especialy when she finds out peeta is working with the career tributes.

What is someone when they dedicate their life in being a tribute for the hunger games?

They call them Career Tributes in the book. Katniss usually just refers to them and "the careers."

Is Katniss a career tribute?

Katniss drops the Tracker Jacker nest on them.

What do rue and katniss realize is there advantage over the career tributes?

When they planned to blow up the food supplies, the advantage they had was that Rue and Katniss were from very poor districts where as the Career tributes have never missed a meal or been hungry before in their life. And if the food supply is suddenly eliminated, it makes the Games end a little bit faster.

Why does Katniss have a problem with the tributes interviews?

She is nervous

What was Gloss's stragety for the 75th Hunger Games?

Gloss was a Career tribute from District 1. The strategy that is shown used by him was to team up with other Career tributes, excluding District 4 tributes, to hunt down the weak. Those he teamed up with were Cashmere, who was his sister, Brutus, and Enobaria. The tributes from District 4 teamed up with Katniss and Peeta.

What are some action parts from the book the hunger games?

1.katniss jrops a traker jacker nest on the career tributes. 2. clove tries to cut out katniss's lip but thresh kills her and lets katniss go. 3.katniss and peeta almost eat poison berries at the end.

Why do you think Peeta Mellark hasn't told the career tributes about Katniss's skills?

Peeta loves Katniss for real, and wants to protect her. If the careers knew about Katniss' skills, it would be easier for them to know her weaknesses and/or how to kill her. Peeta wants to keep Katniss alive without getting himself killed.

What makes the career tributes different from the other tributes?


What district are the Career tributes from?

The career tributes are from District 1, District 2, and District 4.