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remember who the enemy is. (the capitol, not the other tributes) and not to make the game makers mad.....

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Q: What is haymitchs warning to katniss?
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Does katniss have to ramp up the romance in order to get bread from haymitchs?

Yes to impress the audience and score more points with the sponsors watching them live on screen.

How do peeta and katniss gain haymitchs support?

peeta and katniss gain haymitch's support by playing the star-crossed lovers act so they gain more sponsors to help them win The Hunger Games

Did Peeta Mellark saves katniss's life by warning her that cato is after her?


What is haymitchs lastname in the hunger games?


Who came to visit Katniss in The Hunger Games?

If you are talking about the book Catching Fire, that would be President Snow, warning Katniss and threatening her.

What is haymitchs final arena advice?

"stay alive" your welcome

When is haymitch birthday?

Haymitchs birthday is April 27th making him a Taurus.

What are some ideas for in the arena for a Hunger Games prequel that focues on Johanna Mason?

It says in Catching Fire when Katniss and Finnick are beig attacked by the jabber jays, she says, "They can't hurt me, because there is no one else that I love." maybe do the prequel on what President Snow did to Johanna's family. Like he killed Haymitchs family, he forced Finnick into prostitution... What happened to Johanna after she won her games?

Is katniss gay?

Katniss Everdeen is a girl.

What is Haymitchs idea about why they gave her an eleven?

"They must have admired your guts." By that, he means that he thinks she won the eleven since she wasn't afraid in making her reckless decision

What was Katniss named after?

Katniss is actually an aquatic plant that is also called Saggitaria. The seeds in the center of the flower of the plant are shaped like arrowheads. The plant gets its name from the Zodiac constellation Sagitarrius - or, "The Archer."

Who volunteers for primrose in The Hunger Games?

Katniss does (Katniss is Primrose's sister)