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The Capitol was listening, so she didn't want them to know some illegal (to the Capitol) things that she did to get Lady.

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Q: Why does katniss change the story of how she acquired prims goat?
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Why does katniss change the story of how she acquired prim's goat hunger games?

She wanted to talk about Prim obiviously, plus she had to be talkative with Peeta because of sponsers, she didn't tell him the whole truth about the goat though.

How does katniss change in the story of the hunger games?

because she had a kid wid peeta parker

What was the first story katnis tells Peeta Mellark in the cave in the hunger games?

Well, they are in there for quite sometime so they talked a lot more than jsut once as they waited for Peeta to heal, but Katniss told him the (edited story as not to get in trouble with the capitol since it involved illegal hunting) of the time she got Rue her goat. And Peeta told Katniss of the first time he saw her.

What story peeta tells katniss?

Are you refering to the scene in the cave?? If you are; then the story that Katniss tells Peeta is of when she bought Prim her goat.

What is an example of a flashback in The Hunger Games?

One time when katniss was telling peeta a story in the cave she flashed back on how she got prims goat but there are meany other than that one

What story does Katniss share Peeta?

Peeta and Katniss exchange stories during the Games. The popular story is that of Peeta giving bread to Katniss despite Peeta's parents requests. Katniss tells Peeta about how she got Prim a goat.

Who is the narrator in the Hunger games?

Katniss is telling the story in first person

What is Katniss role in the story?

The main character.

How does the author let us know about Katniss in the hunger games?

The story is from Katniss's point of view, she was there from the start

Who is a flat person in the hunger games?

ceaser flickerman ms. everdeen (katniss' mom) both can be a flat character because they do not change through out the story

Who is the narrator of Hunger?

Katniss is telling the story in first person

Who changes throughout the story hunger games?

They all change. Prim grows up, relying more on herself. Katniss becomes the face of the rebellion and more confused about love then she ever has been. Peeta falls in love. Gale loves Katniss more and more.