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Because Justin Beiber sings pop and that way the song is more catchy.

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Q: Why does jutin bieber say A in the beginning of his song one time?
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How many times does jutin bieber say eyh in one time?

22 times

Who was Justin bieber singing with when he broke his leg?

He was on tour with Taylor Swift . He was singing " One Time " when he tripped at the beginning of the song .

What was Justin Bieber fist hit song?

Justin Bieber's first song was One Time

What song by Justin Bieber has You Make Me Happy in it?

One Time is the song by Justin Bieber that has "you make me happy" in it.

Why is Justin Bieber's first song about what it is about?

Justin Bieber's first song is One Time it is about one of his first loves

WHAT IS THE First song Justin Bieber did?

the first song he recourded was Common denominator

Is the song your time by Justin Bieber?

that is a simple answer NO one tome was sang by Justin bieber

What year did Justin bieber make the song one time?

Justin Bieber wrote the song himself. He released it as a single in 2009.

What was Justin bieber's fist song?

His first song is called "One Time"

Who sings the song one time?

Justin Bieber!!

What was the first song of Justin Bieber?

One time

What was Justin Bieber's frist song?

One Time