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most shoes are made of some animal products. he's vegan

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Q: Why does christofer drew perform barefoot?
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Is Christofer Drew a vegetarian?

Christofer Drew is a vegan.

When was Christofer Drew born?

Christofer Drew was born Christofer Drew Ingle on February 11, 1991 In Joplin, Missouri.

Who is the vocalist of Never Shout Never?

The vocalist of NeverShoutNever is Christofer Drew Ingle who often just goes by Christofer Drew. Go see him perform. They usually put on a rather inspiring show.

Why does christofer drew not wear shoes?

Christofer Drew Ingledew, known as Christofer Drew, prefers to perform without shoes as a way to feel more connected to the earth and to enhance his performance experience. It is a personal preference and a part of his artistic expression as a musician.

What is christofer drew's cultural background?

Welll, by choice, christofer drew is a vegan.

Does christofer drew have a stardoll?

Lol. Why would Christofer Drew have a Stardoll? ILY

What is christofer drew first name?


What is Christofer Drew's birthday?

Christofer Drew Ingle was born on February 11, 1991.

What is christofer drews screen name?

Christofer Drew Ingle is his full name but many people call him Christofer Drew for short!

How old is christofer drew in 2011?

christofer Drew Ingle is 20 years old in 2011 :)

What is Christofer Drew ustream?

what is christofer drews ustream name

What Does Christofer Drew Ingle Likes In A Girl?

Christofer drew likes girls he cant really figure out.