Why does aro want Alice?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well i guess because none of the volturi can see the future and knowing the future could be highly useful. Its the one thing nobody else knows in the twilight series.

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Q: Why does aro want Alice?
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How do you become a member of The Voulturi?

Aro likes to collect powerful vampires. That is how Jane and Alec joined. Aro wants Alice and Edward, but they want to remain part of the Cullen family.

Who was the old vampire who was fond of Alice?

the vampire who was fond of Alice was one of the volterra and his name was Aro

How did the conflict in twilight in new moom solved?

Alice can see the future and Aro can read everything you ever thot so Alice saw Bella as a vampire and showed Aro (Aro being the leader of the Volturi) said it was ok as long as Bella realy did get turned into a vampire.

What did Demetri do to Alice Cullen?

Demetri attempted to track down Alice Cullen on Aro's orders by using his tracking ability. However, Alice was able to evade him and elude capture.

Why did Aro let Bella Swan go in New Moon?

In new moon, Aro lets Bella go because she has promised to become a vampire. Aro then sees Alice's vision of Bella as a vampire so he knows it will happen.

Who killed carslile in breaking dawn part 2?

No one killed Carlisle in Breaking Dawn 2. In a vision that Alice shows Aro, Aro kills Carlisle. Aro decided not to fight when he sees his fate would end as well.

Who is Aro's mate?

Aro's mate is Sulpicia, who is also a member of the Volturi coven in the Twilight series. She is depicted as being extremely loyal to Aro and is a member of the guard.

Why does Aro want the Cullen family exterminated so badly in the last twilight book 'Breaking Dawn'?

Aro believes that the Cullen family poses a threat to vampire existence by breaking the Volturi law of secrecy. He sees them as a potential danger due to their knowledge of the supernatural world and unique abilities. Aro also desires to add their members, especially Edward and Alice, to his elite guard for their powers.

When facing the volturi who did Bella choose to go with her?

Bella chose to go with Alice to face the Volturi. Alice had a plan to prevent a confrontation with them by showing Aro her vision of Bella as a vampire.

Who was the first of the Voltaire coven to speck to Bella directly?

Aro because Jane, Felix, and Demitri spoke to Edward or Alice

Does Alice skip out on the Cullen's in Breaking Dawn?

Yes, but so Aro can't turn her against them. She explains in the end. Enjoy!

What are the names of all the vamprires?

Edward, Alice, Jasper, James, Larunont, Aro, Riley, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Rose, Victoria, ...