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To take revenge on him for making Itachi kill his own clan.

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Q: Why does Sasuke want to fight donzo?
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In Naruto Shippuden does Naruto fight Danzo?

No. if hapen it will be a bigest fight in konaha. but donzo died in the with sasuke uchiya.

What episode does Sasuke kill donzo?

Episode 211

Does donzo die?

If you mean Danzou, yes. Sasuke kills him.

In Naruto Shippuden does donzo die?

!Yes!(spoiler)He does die sasuke kills him kills karin while he does

Does Madara ever fight Sasuke?

No, Madara does not fight Sasuke.

Why does naruto have to fight Sasuke?

Because he's his best friend and he want's to bring him back sasuke doesn't want to come back however sasuke will pitty and destory people he doesn't care about which are ninjas who are weak and naruto wants to prove he is strong to sasuke so that's why they fought

Does Sasuke fight madara?


What episode does Sakon fight Sasuke?

He and the other sound ninja fight Sasuke in episode 109 (An Invitation from the Sound).

What episode do Sasuke and sakura fight?

Sasuke and Sakura never fight, Although they have a brief moment that could be considered a fight in the far future of the anime.

What happed after Sasuke and Naruto's fight in the Death Valley?

Where: Vally of the End Who: Naruto and Sasuke What: a fight to the finish Why: Naruto want Sasuke to go back to the leaf village Transformation Guide: Curse Mark State 1 Curse Mark State 2 Nine-Tailed One-Tailed Kyubi

When does itchi die?

Well there are 3 theories to this, sasuke and Itchi fight in battle, and some people say, Itachi was already sick, and went to fight sasuke knowing sasuke would win, another is that Itachi was sick before the battle and sasuke defeats him, another is that sasuke just becomes stronger and when they fight Sasuke is stronger then Itchi finally and kills him.

Who would win in a fight 1st Hokage or Sasuke?

sasuke would win