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Katniss wants to split from the alliance because she eventually later on when all the other tributes are dead she and Peeta will have to kill all the tribute they made alliances with.So in my opinion that is a good idea.

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Q: Why does Katniss want to split from the alliance in Catching Fire?
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What alliance does Katniss form?

The alliance the the hunger games book# 1 is peeta and the Careers (districts 1,2, and 4) andPeeta and Katniss towards the end The alliance in catching fire book #2 is peeta Katniss finnick Johanna wiress and beetee

When does Katniss realize that Peeta loves her in Catching Fire?

Katniss does not find out in Catching fire, but in the first book, when they are in the cave by the river.

Does Katniss die in Catching Fire?


Do katniss and Peeta compeet in Catching Fire?

no they do not

What motivates Katniss in Catching Fire?


Who is Katniss in Catching Fire?

The main character

Does Katniss Everdeen really catch fire in Catching Fire?

No, but she does in Mockingjay.

What happens in the book Catching Fire?

Katniss does what Haymitch does

Who is the protagonist of Catching Fire?

Still Katniss Everdeen.

Who was in the alliance in Catching Fire?

everybody but the girl

Does gale have a crush on Katniss?

Yes he does. In Catching Fire Gale reveals that he loves Katniss.

Who forms alliance with katniss?

In the hunger games first it is rue then peeta In catching fire it is finnick odair,mags,johanna mason,beetee,and wiress