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First of all, Katniss is from district 12, where most of the people have dark hair and gray eyes.

Second of all, um...she was born not having blonde hair? I don't understand this question...

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Q: Why does Katniss not have blonde hair in the Hunger Games?
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Is Katniss from the hunger games a natural blond?

Yes, Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss, is a natural blonde. She died her hair for the movie.

What color hair does Katniss have in hunger games?


What does Katniss' mother in the hunger games look like?

Katniss's sister, Prim takes after her, she has blonde hair and blue eyes. Katniss said that she was told her mother was beautiful once. Years of living in the Seam have taken away her beauty.

What does Claudius look like in the Hunger Games?

He has curly blonde hair atop his head and eyebrows that are blonde and are slightly curled at the ends. Hope this helped (:

Is the Hunger Games's Peeta form journey 2?

Yes he is and he died his hair blonde for The Hunger Games

What color are Katniss eyes?

The author described Katniss as having black hair, as well as being olive skinned, with gray eyes, and short.

What did Katniss and Peeta's kids look like in The Hunger Games?

The only things mentioned about their children's appearance is that the girl has dark hair and blue eyes while the boy has blonde curly hair, grey eyes and also has chubby toddler legs.

Do Peeta and Katniss have kids?

Yes, they do. After five to fifteen years of trying, Peeta finally convinced Katniss to have kids. They have a (tween) girl with dark hair and blue eyes, and a (toddler) boy with blonde hair and dark eyes. The Hunger Games no longer had been accuring, so Katniss does not have to worry about her children's names being reaped in a drawing.

Is Jennifer Lawrence natural hair color honeycomb blonde?

Jennifer Lawrence is a natural blonde. As u may have seen in her event film "The hunger games" she had her her dyed a dark brown for her role of katniss.

Will Katniss in The Hunger Games movie look like she does in the book The Hunger Games website shows her with brown hair and brown eyes but the book says she has black hair and gray eyes...?

then that picture is correct in the book though she is said to have brown hair

What does Mr.Everdeen from the Hunger games look like?

He Looked like Katniss, Olive skin Black hair Gray eyes

Is Peeta Mellark's hair blonde in the hunger games books?

Yes, And Also In The New Movie Coming Out Soon.