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Yes, they do. After five to fifteen years of trying, Peeta finally convinced Katniss to have kids. They have a (tween) girl with dark hair and blue eyes, and a (toddler) boy with blonde hair and dark eyes. The Hunger Games no longer had been accuring, so Katniss does not have to worry about her children's names being reaped in a drawing.

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yes in the last book Mockingjay at the end katniss and peeta have got thier kids a girl and boy the girl has dark hair and blue eyes and the boy has blonde hair and grey eyes

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Q: Do Peeta and Katniss have kids?
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Does Peeta have kids?

Yes. At the end of the series, Peeta has two kids with Katniss.

Who does katniss have kids with?

katniss has kids with peeta mellark.she has 2 a boy and a girl.

Does katniss or peeta die in mocking jay?

No Prim Dies from a explosion and katniss and peeta have kids.

What did the ending of Mockingjay said about Katniss and Peeta Mellark?

at the end of mockingjay both peeta and katniss get married and have two kids.

Did Peeta and katniss have kids in the end of monkingjay?


Does Peeta and Katniss have kids?

yes a girl and a boy

Who does Katniss Everdeen fall in love with?

At the end of the trilogy, Katniss is in love with Peeta Mellark. They have kids in the epilogue.

Do Peeta and Katniss have a relationship at the end?

yes they get married and have 2 kids

Do Katniss and Peeta Mellark ever have kids?

Yes, in the end of Mockingjay it mentions them having kids.

Did Katniss have any kids?

Yes, she did. It says in the epilogue of Mockingjay that she had a girl that has katniss' hair and peeta's eyes, and a boy that has Peeta's hair and katniss'eyes. It also says that it took twenty years for katniss to agree, but peter wanted them so badly. It does not mention the kids' names.

Does Katniss choose Peeta Mellark over Gale?

yes. in the epilogue of mockingjay it says they are married and have kids. which is a great ending, because I love peeta (:

Does catniss everdeen really love Peeta Mellark?

Yes. If you read the epilogue, Peeta and Katniss get married and have two kids.