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he dosent

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Q: Why does Justin French kiss his fans?
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Does Justin bieber try to kiss girls?

no he just has so many fans that when they get to excited and then his fans kiss him

Why does Justin Bieber kiss his fans?

Because he loves them

What type of kiss does Justin Bieber do?

French Kiss

Would Justin Bieber kiss his fans if they were a hottie?

it depends

Would Justin Bieber kiss one of his fans?

he might kiss a fan. but he might really kiss a fan if he was dating her

What are some fan nicknames?

The Beatles fans: Beattlemaniacs KISS fans: KISS ARMY Marina and the Diamonds fans: The Diamonds Justin Bieber fans: Beliebers Lady GaGa fans: Little Monsters One Direction fans: Directioners

Can Justin Bieber french kiss?


Did Justin Bieber kiss one off his fans on stage?

on the cheek yes

Has Justin Bieber kissed his fans?

Justin hugs all his fans when he meets them (if there isn't a big group) and he might kiss them on the cheek or lips if he thinks theyre pretty

Does Justin bieber kiss fans?

Yes because he kissed sakeena on the cheek x

What kind of kiss does justin bieber like?

He likes all kinds but his favorite would be a french style kiss

Did Justin Bieber ever kiss an 11 year old boy?

No, But he has kissed some of his younger female fans on the cheek.