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Because he hasn't learned how to ride a big-boy bike yet!

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Q: Why does Jigsaw's puppet Billy have a tricycle?
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What present did Santa give Billy in Polar Express?

It was a tricycle.

Are jigsaws hobbies or sport?

jigsaws is a puzzle, sport

Where do you do jigsaws on Club Penguin at the fair?

there is not any jigsaws at the fair on club penguin

What happened on saw the bear trap?

Well in the movie Saw you see Amanda Young,a drug addict, in the infamous reverse Bear trap.After hearing the directions given to her by billy the puppet,Jigsaws puppet he uses to communicate with his victims most of the time,she looks around the room shes in and finds th onlya man lying on the floor with the key to her death trap in his stomach,the man is paralyzed,so he cant struggle when Amanda cuts his stomach open to retrieve the key killing him in the act.With only 10 seconds left she ultimately unlocks the bear trap and throws it on the floor at the last second.Billy the Puppet then comes out of nowhere on his red tricycle to congratualate Amana he then says this "congratulations Amanda you have survived some people are so ungrateful to be alive,but not you,not anymore." She then finds the door to her escape and walks out alive all in one piece.

Is Elmo a pupet?

Elmo can be used in a puppet form yet those ones with the strings from above. It depends on which scene he is in. If he's talking behind a desk or something, he's a puppet, but if he's riding his tricycle, nobody could get their hand under the sidewalk, so he is controlled from above. Translation: Elmo is a puppet.

Who would win in a fight Frank the Bunny or Billy the Puppet?

Frank the Bunny

What is the name of the doll in the Saw movies?

Im pretty sure its Jigsaw

What are jigsaws?

"difficult" puzzle

What is the best jigsaw?

I believe Bosch makes the best jigsaws. Their more expensive jigsaws made in Switzerland are about the best I have seen.

How do you use the word tricycle in a sentence?

Nearly all his life he was a dedicated cyclist, most often using a tricycle.

Who is billy from saw?

billy is a puppet that has a white face and has swirls on his cheeks and always helps jigsaw(the jigsaw killer) play his little "games" and he waers a black tuxito with a little red bowtie and has sparkly red maryjanes like a girl. I like him very much.

What is a sentence for tricycle?

the tricycle is a three wheeled bike