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because he wears some kind of cream and the cream is called anne french and if you want to go and see him in concert GIRLS LOVE THEM

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Q: Why does Dappy from n-dubz so hot?
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What phone does dappy from ndubz have?

A blackberry

What is dappy from ndubz birthday?

When is Dappy from N-dubz born x?

What is dappy's real name out of Ndubz?

Dappy's real name is Costadinos Contostavlos.

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Whats dappy ndubz birthday?


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What is dappy from ndubz age?

Dappy was born 11.6.87 making him 22 currently.

What is the relationship between ndubz?

dappy and tulisa are cousins

Are ndubz together?

they are not together and my best singer is dappy

Is Adam deacon in ndubz?

No , that's Dappy . Lolol

When's Dappy from ndubz birthday?

whens dappy from n-dubz birthday time and date

Does dappy from ndubz have children?

Yes Dappy from n dubs does have children. Dappy is a father to two boys called Milo and Gino.