What is ndubz real name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dappy's is Dino Contostavlos

Tulisa's is Tula Contostavlos

Fazer's is Richard Rawson

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Q: What is ndubz real name?
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What is dappy's real name out of Ndubz?

Dappy's real name is Costadinos Contostavlos.

What is tulisa frm ndubz real name?


What is Fazer's real name from ndubz?

Richard Rawson

What is fazer from ndubz's real name?

Richard Rawson

What is fazers nickname from ndubz?

Fazer is his nick name. Richard Dawson is his real name.

What is dappy's ndubz real name?

Dappy's real name is Contodinos Contostavlos.....I LOVE N-DUBZ X

What is Fazer from Ndubz mother's name?

Fazer from Ndubz mother's name is Elaine!

What are the name of the band members of ndubz?

one of the guys are called Dappy (real name dino Contostavlos), the girl is called Tulisa (real name Tula Contostavlos), and the other guy is called Fazer (real name Richard Rawson).

Where was ndubz name come from?

A hotel in london

What is Faze's last name from ndubz?

its rawson

Where does ndubz dappy name come from?

Greece (its a Greek name)

Why are Ndubz called Ndubz?

ndubz live in camdon