Is tulisa in a film

Updated: 9/20/2023
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There's an ndubz dvd

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Q: Is tulisa in a film
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Is faze related to tulisa and dappy?

Fazer and Tulisa are in a relationship but Fazer is not related to Tulisa or Dappy. Tulisa and Dappy are cousins though

When is tulisa album released?

tulisa album

What country did tulisa come from?

tulisa comes from

What color eyes does tulisa Edwards from n dubz have?

Tulisa's eyes are blue! and if you were a true n-dublet you would know it is Tulisa Contostavlos not Tulisa Edwards!

What is tulisa's bb pin?

What's your pin tulisa

Who is Tulisa from N-dubz Going out with?

Tulisa is single

Did Tulisa write Wouldn't You about her Fiance?

No because Tulisa's fiance Adam doesn't sleep around (why would he when he is going out with the amazing Tulisa) and Tulisa is the only girl for him. Why else would they be engaged.

Is tulisa in ndubz mixrace?

no Tulisa is fully white; from London...

Is dappy cusions with tulisa?

Yes Dappy and Tulisa are cousins.

How many weeks has tulisa been pregnant?

tulisa is not pregnant

Is tulisa married?

if you mean tulisa from n-dubz? if you do, she is not married.

Is tulisa's mum ill?

yes she is i feel sorry for tulisa :(