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Amy uses the telephone to call 9-1-1, only to trick her twin.

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Q: Why does Amy use the telephone Gore?
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What is the rising action of Gore by Sarah Ellis?

The setting is a home. There is telephone, a bathroom and a hallway. The setting is briefly described.

What is Lucas' reaction to Amy's trick in gore?

Lucas feels shocked and horrified by Amy's trick in gore. He may also feel betrayed or angry at her for playing such a disturbing prank.

What does Amy learn in the short story gore by sara Ellis?

amy learns that her brother is quite stupid and a nitwit, which makes it easy for her to use her voice impersonations to make lucas believe that aliens are abducting her

Who is the author of short story 'Gore'?

The author of the short story "Gore" is Sarah Helen Whitman. She was an American poet, essayist, and romantic interest of Edgar Allan Poe.

in the short story Gore what is Amy's character trait?

Amy's character trait in the short story "Gore" can be described as resourceful and determined. She is able to navigate a dangerous situation with bravery and quick thinking, showing her resilience in the face of adversity.

What appeals to Amy about the new RL Tankard book in the story Gore?

The thing that appeals to Amy about the RL Tankard book, in the story "Gore" is his word choice. In the story Amy loves the word "Crepuscular" that he uses, even though she doesn't kno what it means. And she generally love how he write is storys.

How do you use the word gore in a sentence?

Mind the bull doesn't gore you.I am not a fan of gore films.

What is the climax in the short story Gore?

The climax of the story is when you are waiting to see if Lucas will fall for Amy's trick and come out.

Does Amy Adams have a real phone number?

If someone has a telephone then they will have a real number

Can you make a sentence with the word interrupt?

Amy did not interrupt her mother even when the telephone rang.

What has the author Amy Flowers written?

Amy Flowers has written: 'The fantasy factory' -- subject(s): Feminist theory, Intimacy (Psychology), Technology and civilization, Telephone sex

How do you connect a telephone to the telephone port on your computer?

To connect a telephone to the telephone port of your computer, use a telephone jack.