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Tipper Gore goes by Tipper.

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Q: What nicknames does Tipper Gore go by?
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What is Tipper Gore's birthday?

Tipper Gore was born on August 19, 1948.

Who is Tipper Gore?

Al Gore's wife!

What is the birth name of Tipper Gore?

Tipper Gore's birth name is Aitcheson, Mary Elizabeth.

What was Tipper Gore Maiden Name?

Tipper Gore's real name is Mary Elizabeth Gore. Her maiden name is Aitcheson.

What nicknames does Michael Dault go by?

Michael Dault goes by Tipper.

What is Al Gore's wife's name?


Who did Al Gore marry?

Al Gore married to Tipper Aitcheson in 1970

When did Al Gore get married?

Al Gore married to Tipper Aitcheson in 1970

What nicknames does Zachary Gore go by?

Zachary Gore goes by Zach.

Why did Al Gore and Tipper Gore split?

The precise circumstances are not known to the general public.

Is Sara Gore Al Gore's daughter?

Yes. Artist Sarah Gore Maiani is the youngest daughter of Al and Tipper Gore.

How old is Al Gore?

Albert "Al" Gore Jr. is 69 years old (birthdate: March 31, 1948).