Why do you like the internet?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It helps you in school and it has Facebook

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Q: Why do you like the internet?
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i would like to check my internet speed?

i would like to check my internet speed

What does a Wii on the internet do?

you can go on the internet like you can on the computer.

How do you say i like surfing the Internet in spanish?

To surf the internet: navegar por internet

Do you need Internet access for a kindel?

It already has internet, but not the internet like going on Youtube and stuff like that. You can only buy books in the KindleStore.

What is Internet and why you use internet?

internet is information on the web and you use it for whatever., like shopping entertainment

Why you can play GTAgame in internet?

You have to install it on a disk, and play on it like that. They wouldn't put it on the internet for freebies like you.

Is there any good Internet like Internet explorer 7?

I like Internet explorer 7 because you can go to on it. Firefox is good although I think it's version of the Internet has only That's fine if you don't like celebrity news like I do. LOL!!!

What is the internet acsess like in Spain?

to find out what the internet is like in Spain go to hope i helped

What is a program like netscape Or internet explorer that is used to view the internet?

There are various programs like netscape and internet explorer. Google Chrome is one of it developed by google.

What does the Internet taste like?

it tastes like nothing

How is the brain like a computer?

by a networking like internet

Don't some people like the internet too much?

Yes, some people like internet too much.