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If you mean can you watch the channel live like you do on cable, no.

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Q: Can you watch Animal Planet on the internet as on tv?
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How can you find SPCA ads on tv?

watch animal planet.

Where can you learn about parasites?

go to animal planet\monsters inside me. or watch it on TV.

Where can you read about dog laws?

you can watch Animal Planet on tv to learn about dogs, just watch Animal Cops, most of the animals on there are about dogs.but only if you have austar

How do i get my pet's picture shown on Animal Planet?

First off Animal Planet is a television show that people who have no cable cannot watch. For each town the channel it is on varies. (In Meriden, Ct it is on channel 60)

Where can one watch greyhounds in Australia?

If one simply turns on their television in Australia and goes to a sports channel, or an animal channel such as Animal Planet, they can watch greyhounds, or if they wanted they could go to a race track and watch them race.

I watch rugby on internet/computer but I watch it on my there a way to stream it to the TV?

I watch rugby on internet/computer but I watch it on my there a way to stream it to the TV?

What is a good pet grooming show to watch?

A good pet grooming show to watch is Groomer Has It. Groomer Has It is a reality game TV series available to watch on Animal planet. It has 2 seasons and has a running time of 45 minutes per episode.

Is there a television channel with an icon of an animals paw- probably a dog paw?

animal planet or a specific show on animal planet.

What tv shows can leopards be on?

Animal Planet

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You may watch Ren TV for free at

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