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They have to play in thunderstorms because they hit the ball so hard it sounds like thunder, as so if they played on a sunny day people would think something's going on.

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Q: Why do the Cullens have to play baseball in thunderstorms?
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Where did the Cullens play baseball?

A field.

What do the cullens play when there is a storm?


What game do the cullens and Bella play in the rain?


Who are the vampires that show up when the cullen's play baseball?

The vampires who show up when the Cullens play baseball are Victoria, James, and Laurent. They are nomadic vampires who are passing through the area and become intrigued by the Cullens playing an intense game of baseball.

Why do the cullens need a storm to play baseball?

they need a thunder storm to hide the noise when they hit the ball so hard. :0

What happens at chapter seventeen on twilight?

Bella goes to play/watch the Cullens play baseball then Alice sees Laurent, James, and Victoria coming to join the game.

Edward invites Bella to play what kind of sport?

In Twilight, Edward invites Bella to play baseball with him and the rest of the Cullens, where she meets her soon-to-be enemies Laurent, James, and Victoria.

What game was the Cullens playing when Bella was threated?

They were playing Baseball

Does Bella play baseball with the cullens in breaking dawn?

In the books: she stays with Esme on the sidelines. Esme is the umpire. In the movie: she is the umpire and stands behind Esme, who plays as catcher.

What scean is after the piano in twilight?

Well the only scene in which there is a piano is when Bella is at the Cullens' house, meeting the Cullens. While she is at the Cullens' she and Edward are talking in his room and Alice and Jasper come in to invite them to a game of baseball(Cullen style). Bella goes home to change, introduces Charlie to Edward as her boyfriend and they meet the rest of the Cullens' at the clearing for the infamous baseball scene.

What were the Cullens doing when they met James Laurent and Victoria?

Playing baseball

What scene in twilight did they play supermassive black hole?

When edward takes her out with his family to play baseball with the cullens,however, the other vampire cullon find out that Bella human and James try to kill her:)))) xxIlovetaylorxx