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well she lives with the cullens for about a few weeks. but she really lives with edward and bella.their daughters name is Renesmee and, boy does she grow quick

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Q: Why does Bella and Edwards daughter live with the Cullens?
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What is the problem in twilight?

I'm not sure if I understand your question. Do you mean, "What is the conflict in Twilight?" If you do, I'll answer it. Bella Swan moves to Forks, Washington to live with her Dad, while her Mum and new step dad live in Florida. There she meets the Cullens, who turn out to be vampires who don't drink human blood so they can fit in as normal people. Bella and one of the Cullens, Edward, fall in love, though it is very difficult for him, considering that her blood is 'the sweetest" he has ever come across. Anyway, a new group of vampires come to Forks, and meet the Cullens. They are Laurent, James, and Victoria. They do drink human blood. James catches a whiff of Bella, and in moments, already has plans for her. It turns out that James is a tracker, and plays the hunting game, which in this case will be tracking down Bella, killing her, and coming out alive, with the help of his mate, Victoria. Edward, who can read minds, sees James' plan, and is desperate to keep Bella safe. Laurent, who is tired of James' games, decides to leave James' group, and leaves. And so, the hunting begins.

What were Bella's strengths and weaknesses in the book Twilight?

Well... Their are some weaknesses like for the Cullens not having human blood makes them weaker than the vampires that have human blood. Also Edward's weakness is Bella because when Bella is human she can be hurt and if anything happens to Bella Edward feels it too. Mainly for the Cullens the weakness in love. Love for each other and Love for Bella, who is very vonerable when she is a human. Jacob's weakness is also Bella. If she is hurt he is hurt too because he love Bella Just like Edward does. Charlie's weakness is being human and being Bella's dad because she is always bringing vampires home :) Victoria's weakness is James and James weakness is loosing his mate. James really didn't love Victoria as much a she loves him. Laurant is the loner his weakness is not having a "super-power." The vampires that live like the Cullens all have the weakness of not having human blood, but by not having human blood is how Bella and Edward ended up together. The main weakness in Twilight characters is either love, not having a "super-power," and beign human.

In twilight will renesmee get like the Cullens?

From TwilightLover2014:she will always be part human but she will live forever!!!!From meee (!):Renesmee Carlie Cullen (also known as Nessie) is not exactly the same as the Cullens, she is half human/ half vampire. This means that she does have a heartbeat but also has the beautiful features of a vampire. She can drink blood as well as normal food but prefers the taste of blood. She will keep on growing until she is 16 years of age and then will become immortal like her vampire parents.

What is the sixth twilight book called?

a girl, Bella, has to move to live with her dad but is finding it hard to fit in at her new school she has to sit next to a boy, edward, in biology who is totally fit but everyone thinks he and his whole family are a bit weird. later on Bella realises that edward is a vampire but she still loves him. when she is meeting Edward they run into a different tribe of bd vampires who try to eat Bella so edward has to protect her and ends up nearly killin her by drinking all her blood. In the next film they start a life together but there is no set date on when it comes out!

Why twilight why does Bella's and Edwards daughter grow up to fast?

Since she is half human and half vampire, the human part allows her to grow until she reaches a certain age. For example, her very early twenties but it is at a fast paste because the vampire side will allow her to live her life forever as an adult instead of keeping her at the age of an infant. This way she and Jacob can be together in the matter of a year or two.

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Does Bella live with the Cullens?

Yes! She is part of their family!

When Bella and edward get home do they live on their own?

No, they live with the other Cullens.

Do the rest of the cullens leave Bella and edward in breaking dawn?

No, but Edward and Bella live on their own.

What are good trivia questions to twilight?

What is the girls name in the voltori? A: Jane Where did Bella Swan live before moving to Forks?A:Pheonix What Is Edwards and Bella daughter named?A: Renesme What is Bella's Dad named?A:Charlie

Why are the Cullens leaving in new moon?

The cullens leave because of what happened with jasper, they also didnt want to hurt Bella anymore and that the volturi will come for the cullens because Bella knows too much about vampires

Does Bella and Edward get there own place?

yes,they will get their own place.they will live in a cottage,next to the cullens family.

What is twilight's resolution?

The Volturi and the Cullens' don't end up fighting. Bella, Edward, and Reneesme all live happily ever after.

Does Bella get imprinted by Jacob?

No, of course not. Edward and Bella live happily ever after, and Jacob imprints on Renesmee, their daughter.

What is the present Alice gives Bella?

wel everyone got it her. they got her a small cottage in the woods so that edward,bella and renesme can live its not to far from the cullens household so if there is anything they need they can have it

Where do edward Bella and Renesmee live?

on Bella's nineteenth, (her first day as a vampire) Esme builds them a house in the forest but occasionally they go and stay with the rest of the Cullens in their house :) hope this answers your question!!!

Is Jacob Black alive?

yes he is both in the book where he will imprent on renessme Bella and Edwards daughter and live happly forever at the age of 16,and in the real life too and his latest movies is the valantin's day which will be soon released :)

What is the plotline of 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer?

Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to Forks, Washington to live with her father. While attending the local high school there, she meets the Cullens, a family of vampires. She falls in love with Edward Cullen, but he has an insatiable thirst for Bella's blood. The Cullens do not drink human blood on principle, but other vampires are not so noble. One attempts to drink from Bella.