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coming from a women, its a sexual thing from spanking it leads to spanking then usually the art of figging which most women love(in their anus)....then it leads to its just a line of sexual fascinations

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Cats or any other animal do not like to be spanked. They like to be patted and petted. Any abuse is unnecessary and cruel.

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Not all med would like this.

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Q: Why do men like getting spanked?
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In victorious why does tori get her butt spanked by a lobster?

i like watching tori getting spanked

What percentage of men like to be spanked?

twenty percent

Is is normal for cats to like to be spanked?

NO, would you like to be spanked? Cat's like to be rubbed and sometimes hard but not spanked.

In the tom and Jerry cartoon baby puss why dont they show tom getting spanked?

Because I didn't see Tom getting spanked, not even for getting out of bed, and not even when Butch and Pals are here to sing Mama eu' Quero. However Tom and Jerry is one of the most famous classic animated silent cartoon duos.Maybe Tom getting spanked is a banned scene from Baby Puss.It looks like Tom getting spanked wasn't scene, the only person that spanked Tom in this cartoon is that girl who punished Tom for running away.

Why is spanking embarrasing?

it's only embarrasing if you're spanked in public or someone is watching you getting spanked.

Can you pee while getting spanked?


Did Melina enjoy getting spanked by mickie?

She loved it.

Do kids like to be spanked?


Does Trish Stratus enjoy getting spanked with a belt?


How do you stop getting spanked?

stop doing bad things

What would make your butt hurt?

Yes your butt can hurt, but its probley from sitting on your butt all day and being lazy or you maybe just have to take a crap!!

Does it hurt to get a corporal punishment?

It depends on how hard you get spanked,but if you are me, then it hurts alot.Try not to get spanked. Especially bare butt. I know how getting spanked bare butt feels me