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While shoes are used in some training circumstances and more-so in modern schools, traditionally, most Martial Art systems practice barefoot to condition the feet, maintain better balance, and for safety between training partners. Also, in Asian philosophy it is customary to remove your shoes when entering someone's home, restaurant, places of worship, or Martial Art training hall.

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They get better traction and it's less wait for them. It's also easier to balance barefoot. Trust me, i went to state in gymnastics.

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so that there feet wont hurt


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Q: Why do gymnasts perform barefoot?
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How is gymnastics different from cheerleading?

In cheerleading, athletes where sneakers, whereas gymnasts perform either barefoot or in socks. Although cheerleaders and gymnasts perform acrobatic stunts, gymnasts also perform on various apparatus. Also, the general purpose of cheerleading is to pump up spectators at either sporting events or in competitions, whereas the general purpose of gymnastics is to impress judges.

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Female gymnasts wear leotards so they will be able to perform all their events without their costumes getting in the way. The leotard is also designed to cover the body in an appropriate way.

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What did cyclists wear in the Olympics in older days?

The word 'Gymnastics' comes from the Greek for 'naked' - early gymnasts used to perform without any clothes.

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How are inertia and momentum related to gymnastics?

The movements of the human body are subject to the same laws of motion as any other object composed of mass. However, gymnasts do not perform mathematical calculations in order to perform their athletic feats; that is done by feel.