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Q: Why do Sabrina and her mother need someone to help them on the farm?
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What do you do if your mother does child abuse?

Tell someone you can trust and get help.

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Contact your local county extention office. Your county comissioners office should be able to help.

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Why do Sabrina cry?

Sabrina may cry for a variety of reasons, such as feeling overwhelmed, sad, or frustrated. It is important to listen to her feelings and offer support to help her process and cope with her emotions.

On farm town where do you get gloves?

When you go to help work on someone elses farm and need gloves to weed ,it will ask you if you'd like to purchase some for 5 uses. I think they might cost either 15 or 20 coins.

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Emma,her sister and mother were abused by their father.Their only son had epilepsy and was unable to help with the farm. Emma and her sisters had to chores normally done by boys.Emma finally ran away in 1850. Hope that helped :)

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the carabao help the farmer help harvest the plants

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