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help me someone i do not knew that how to get a valet uniform

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Q: Get a valet uniform to work as a valet?
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Where to get a valet uniform in gta san Andreas?

You get a valet uniform after completing the mission 555-WE-TIP. When you get to the hotel you have to follow the valet down to the car park and then kill him there. After which you steal his clothes and go on with the mission.

How do you get a valet uniform on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Check out the following link for more info on getting a valet uniform, once on this page you can click the phone number in the clue for more details:

Can you work as a valet on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Sure. First, you need to beat a mission called "555 We Tip" in San Fierro, given by Officer Tenpenny. After you beat the mission, you will receive a valet uniform under "Special" category in wardrobe in any safe house. You must wear the valet suit in order to do the mission. Go to downtown San Fierro and stand on the red circle in front of the hotel (you will actually see valets standing by the hotel) and you will do valet missions. Note: the red circle will not be shown on the map. You must find it on your own.

How does Gatwick valet parking work?

When you arrive at the airport, go to the relevant terminal, where a valet will be waiting for you. Leave your car with the professional valet. He will take your vehicle and park it at the safe parking space. When you return your car will be waiting for you at the terminal.

Whats the difference between a valet key and regular key on a 1992 Honda Prelude?

Normally the difference between a Valet and Master key is the Valet key will not work in the glove box or trunk of the vehicle. The actual differences in the keys are either the grooves in the key or the thickness of the key which restrict it from going into the locks. Occasionally the valet key may not have certain cuts on it to work those locks.

What work does the soldier do?

gun uniform

How do you use the word 'valet' in a sentence?

Give the "valet" your keys and he'll park your car. The ''valet'' will park your car. "Valet" Parking.

What if your question that where is valet uniform in gta san Andreas what you can do to get it?

In order to obtain and keep the valet uniform in his wardrobe, CJ has to complete the San Fierro mission, "555 We Tip". This mission entails CJ posing as a car valet outside of a hotel, and driving off with a car belonging to a D.A. who Tenpenny wants to frame. The car has to be driven back to CJ's garage, to be loaded with drugs, and then driven back to the hotel car park ready for the D.A. to collect and for CJ to ring the police to report the D.A. is carrying drugs. This mission has to be completed inside a time limit.

What is the duration of The Valet?

The duration of Valet Girls is 1.37 hours.

What does you will work to make the rest uniform?

it says with you, and uniform will make work. very easy, good favorite thing, all day with the does you ;)

Can your employer charge you for your work uniform?


How do you disable valet parking on valet alarm?

I have a 2003 Navigator and i want to disable valet parking. it is an after factor alarm.