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Peeta wasn't taken out. Um in the seccond book *SOPILERS*

Katniss gets rescued (catching fire) bt not peeta?? what part are you talking about post me and I'll answer it's lk me seccond fav book series ever

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Peeta Mellark in fact has TWO brothers. Whomever answered last was wrong.

One of the two, was too old to intervene (volunteer) to take Peeta's place and the other merely did not want to.

Both brothers were not named in the books.


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The reason Peeta's brothers didn't volunteer for him is because brothers don't have the same bond as sisters do and obviously, Peeta's brothers don't care about him enough to risk their own lives to save their brother's life.

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Q: Why didn't Peeta's brothers volunteer to take his place?
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