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They go back for what is called a Feast. Occasionally, to make the games more interesting, the game makers will put something each contestant desperately needs inside the cornucopia and they all can go and get it, usually resulting in a large fight.

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Katniss first went back to the cornucopia because there was a feast, where every district was given something they needed urgently

Katniss urgently needed some medicine for Peeta, because he had blood poisoning and his wound was infected.

Peeta, Cato and Katniss later when back to the cornucopia to finish The Hunger Games, to participate in the final fight, where Cato dies and Katniss and Peeta are both crowned victors.

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Q: Why did the tributes go back to the Cornucopia?
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How will the capitol and audience be able to locate the tributes in the arena?

They have trackers that were inserted into the tributes arms.

What is the definition of cornicopia in The Hunger Games?

The Cornucopia represents the Harvest the Districts have after each Hunger Games. The Cornucopia is shaped like a horn with round edges and is gold, that's shining brightly.

What was the thing called that gives tributes food in the hunger games?


What is the corncupia in The Hunger Games?

The Cornucopia is in the center of the meadow in the arena where all 24 tributes come out of their tubes and get ready on their pedestools. The cornucopia is exactly the same thing as a Horn Of Plenty, like what they put fruit in at Thanksgiving. The cornucopia is filled with weapons and backpacks and tools and food and tents, which is going to lure the tributes, especially the careers, to it, to start the initial bloodbath.

How many tributes are left in chapter 15 of the hunger games?

At the end of chapter 10 the hunger games have JUST started so no one yet.

What resources do they have in the book Hunger Games?

The tributes in normal hunger games have whatever they have at the cornucopia to help them survive and they also have whatever the arena has and what they get from their sponsors.

How did eleven tribute die on the first day of the game?

in the blood bath of the cornucopia where all the tributes were in a small space where death and destruction were rampant.

What is fox face's strategy at the cornucopia?

Foxface's strategy at the cornucopia is to avoid direct confrontation with the other tributes, instead focusing on gathering supplies quickly and then retreating to safety. She relies on her agility and stealth to avoid conflict and outsmart her competitors.

Who killed glimmer?

They never did say she killed anyone specifically. I just assumed that because she was a Career, she probably killed some of the tributes at the Cornucopia. Some died there and we don't know who killed them.

Who told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the games?

Haymitch told Katniss not to go to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the Games.

Why did Haymitch Abernathy advise katniss and Peeta Mellark to run away from it instead of go t it?

The Cornucopia? Because it was a bloodbath and there were weapons and goodies piled all around it in order to try and draw the tributes into it and the first casualties of the Games are always done by the Bloodbath, which can sometimes last for hours and sometimes even wipe out half of all the tributes

What techniques would you use to put the tributes together in the Hunger Games?

I would've had trackerjackers and muttations chase them to the cornucopia and let them battle it out and see who will outsmart the others and who will survive.