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He never left. Glen Jacobs has all ways portrayed his character Kane. Glen Jacobs is the real Kane and always will be

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Q: Why did the real Kane leave wwe?
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Who is the real brothers in wwe?

The Real brothers in WWE are Jeff and Matt Primo and Carlito Undertaker and Kane and i think Shad and JTG May 2010- Matt and Jeff Hardy are brothers as is Primo and Carlito, Golddust and COdy Rhodes. Kane and Undertaker are NOT related In real life only in storyline and Shad and JTG are not related either in real life not even in storyline.

Is WWE Kane brothers with undertaker?

Within WWE Kayfabe, Kane and The Undertaker are infact half-brothers. They have been told to have been born from the same mother, with different fathers respectivately.

Is WWE Superstar Kane still in the WWE as Wrestler?

Yes.Kane is still a part of the wwe roster.Kane is the former ECW chapion and step brouthers will retired undertaker.Kane first enterd wwe in hunt of his older step brouther undertaker,when is found him in wwe he started the wwwe to get revenge one undertaker from childhood.Every sence Kane has been a wrestler.everything that has been said is from wwe reporters.P;S Kane was not hired by vence he had a mind of his own to enter wwe without permission. December 2008 Well to being with Kane and Taker are not really step-brothers they are not related at all in real life!!!1 As for your comment about Vince not hiring Kane that he just eneterd WWE without permission if you believe that you aren't very smart. No one is in WWE without Vince, Shane, and Stephanie hiring them!!!! What an idiot.

Is Kevin Nash WWE's Masked Kane?

Kevin Nash wasn't the masked Kane. but in WCW Kane was diesel

How do you unlock in psp masked Kane?

how to unlock masked kane on wwe 12 on psp

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Is the present WWE Kane the real Kane?


What is Kane's from WWE realname?

Kane's real name is Glen Jacobs.

What is the real name of WWE superstar Kane?

Undertakers name is Mark Calaway and Kanes real name is Glen Jacobs

Who was The 1st Kane - WWE - real name?

Glenn Jacobs is the only Kane

What is the real name of WWE Kane?

Glen Jacobs

Is WWE Kane really evil in real life?


Did Kane leave WWE?

No, Kane is still wrestling in the WWE, and is currently one half of the Tag-Team Champions, Team Hell No, with Daniel Bryan.

Did undertaker and Kane kill there mom?

no the Undertaker and Kane are not even real bros its just for WWE

Kane and undertaker brothers?

in wwe yes in real life no

Is Kane and the deadman related?

in "real life" no in wwe they r brothers

Did lita date Kane?

yes he did,but not in real life only in WWE

Who did WWE Kane killed?

The professional wrestler Kane has never killed anyone in real life. There was a storyline on WWE where he had killed someone but it was all fake.