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violence and language

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Q: Why did the rated TV-14 gave to Naruto Shippuden for?
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What was the gift itachi gave to naruto?

The gift Itachi gave Naruto was a book with all the Akatsuki Members I believe. he gave it to him in Shippuden and it was a little black book.

What Shippuden episode does Sasuke come back on?

he doesnt come back til shippuden like 280

When does Naruto air again in the us?

i heard its doing a little skip because they are going to start the shippuden in america...another thing that gave me the idea shippuden is coming soon is all the naruto shippuden games coming out in the us

Does Naruto kiss a girl?

No, Naruto has not kissed a girl.However, by accident, he has kissed Sasuke.(also happened in) His first kiss from a girl would be in Naruto Episode 169- Remembrance: The Lost Page. Isaribi gave the kiss.In Shippuden, episode 60, Fuuka kisses Naruto

When will Sasuke make his next naruto Shippuden appearance?

against killer bee, almost dying with 1 combo and failing the mission akatsuki gave him

What episode does naruto get kissed by a girl?

Naruto Shippuden. Episode 60 or 61 :)

Who is evil in Naruto?

No, I wouldn't go far to call the show "evil," but there are plenty of character(s) in the show who have been defined as such. Orochimaru- Arguably the most "evil" one. The way that he experiments on human beings without any regard to them (for his own self satisfaction) while keeping a persona that he actually cares about them. Also he is a pedophile; the way that he attracts little kids such as Sasuke, Kimimaro, and Zaku is just so gross. Not to mention that he looks like Michael Jackson and Voldemort's estranged child. Itachi- He murders his own family, with the exception of his younger brother. While the truth of this circumstance is revealed later in the manga, Itachi still kept a persona of "evil" in the series. Deidara- He's a terrorist bomber.

What power did itachi gave to Naruto?

He gave naruto the power to destroy the susano'o

What is the name of the ninja that Kakashi took the Sharingan from?

his name was obito uchiha and he gave it to kakashi because he was about to die oh and why dont you watch the naruto shippuden episode 120 kakashi's guiden you will find out everything

In Naruto shippuden does Naruto kill Sasuke?

no he doesnt, but of course everybodys' expecting an epic battle eventually :)bad answer . naruto said he was going to go 100% on sasuke and everybody know's that their is no way that sasuke can win with his sage mode, jinjurriki mode and the power's that itatchi's gave to naruto so sasuke is dome but sasuke would give a big fight with his new sharingan

Why is Kushina Naruto's mother?

Because she gave birth to naruto.

Why do all the theam songs for naruto shippuden not have sub-titles?

beacause since shonen jump gave it up 2 datebeyo and something happened after that, the subtitles to the songs were taken out and then they ran the show lyk they used 2