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When Ralph, Roger and Jack climb the mountain they see the dead body of the pilot. The parachute lines have become tangled in the rocks making the body move when the wind blows. This creates the illusion that the movements are being made by something which is alive. The parachutist's body descended to the mountain top during the night and none of the boys witnessed its arrival, so they had no reason to think that it might be a parachutists body. In the darkness the boys assume that the indistinct shape which they see moving must be "the beast." Sam n Eric also came to the same conclusion when they earlier saw the dead pilots body, aided also by the talk of "beasts" and "ghosts" at the meetings.

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so he could imagine himself raping it sideways

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Q: Why did the author of lord of the flies add the dead parachutist?
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Who discovers that the monster is a dead parachutist in lord of the flies?


Why does the author in lord of the flies have the parachutist pulled out to sea?

yup he sure does

What is the beast that sammneric sees in lord of the flies?

They see a dead parachutist who was shot down in air combat.

In reality what or who was the Lord of the Flies?

They thought the beast was the thing that fell from the sky referring to the parachutist who was dead when landed on the top of the mountain.

What happened to the parachutist after the storm in lord of the flies?

i don't know i am sorry

What bowed and sank and bowed again in Lord of the Flies?

What they saw was the parachutist

What is the beast in lord of the files?

the beast in lord of the flies is parachutist who got entangled in the tree branches

What happens to the parachutist in the Lord of the Flies?

He was dead when he landed. The boys thought he was moving because his parachute was caught in the trees and when the wind blew, he would sway.

What does Simon do on top of the mountain in lord of the flies?

He climbs the mountain after an epileptic seizure to seek the truth. He does finds out that the 'beast' is actually just a dead parachutist.

In lord of the flies ch 9 what does Simon do to the figure on the mountainside?

In Lord of the Flies, Chapter 9, Simon frees the parachutist's lines from the rock on the mountainside.

In Lord of The Flies what does Simon do to the figure on the mountainside?

In Lord of the Flies, the novel by William Golding, Simon, on the mountainside, frees the parachutist's lines. The novel was published in 1954.

Is there actually a beast in lord of the flies how do you know?

No. Because Simon went and found out what they thought was the beast was a dead parachutist's parchute hanging on the tip of the mountain from a fight from above. it was all in their heads.