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The parachutist is described as "figure dropping swiftly beneath a parachute, a figure hung with dangling limbs.” The author describes the parachutist as "held by a complication of lines." Later, the parachutist is described as "corpulent" and "ungainly." The parachute man is seen by the boys as a living thing and as a representation of the "beast," and to the reader, it symbolizes the adult world that still exists off of the island.

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Q: What Words are used to describe the parachute man in the Lord of the flies?
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What are some symbols found in chapter 6 of Lord of the Flies?

the dead parachute man

What do the boys determine at the top of the mountain in the lord of the flies?

They find the body of the dead airplane pilot with his parachute still attached.

Why do they think the parachute is a beast in Lord of the Flies?

Because they are young, frightened children whose imaginations can get the better of them.

What is the beast in the Lord of the Flies?

a parachuter who launched from a plane after it exploded. he is dead, but moves because the wind blows his parachute.

What happens to the body in the parachute in chapter 9?

In Lord of the Flies, the parachute gets picked up by the wind and the body is carried off of the island and into the sea, but only after Simon has seen it.

Who wrote lord of the flies briefly describe?

William Golding

What adjective can describe chapter 2 lord of the flies?


Who first sees the result of the dead body in the parachute though they totally misunderstood what they saw in the novel lord of the flies?


Describe johnny from Lord of the Flies?

He is a littlun and is a minor character in the book

In lord of the flies who notices the beast in the wood first?

Piggy sees the dead man hanging from the tree caught in his parachute first.

Where can you find vocabulary words and their definitions for Lord of the Flies?

the vocab words and their definitions for Lord of the Flies can be found in just about any dictionary. The best one is

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green and candle like