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R.A.B. Tried to take the horcrux to destroy it, he didn't believe in the way that Voldemort was going about things.

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Q: Why did rab try to take the horcrux?
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Why is RAB important in Harry Potter book 7?

He took the locket Horcrux from Voldemort.

Why does RAB matter in Half Blood Prince?

Spoilers: RAB stole the locket, a horcrux, as he/she revealed in their note in the basin where the locket was found. Read The Deathly Hallows to find out who RAB turns out to be. It is obviously imperative the heroes (Harry, Ron, Hermione) discover who RAB is/was to uncover what became of the real locket. It is imperative since the locket is a horcrux and must be destroyed to have a hope of defeating the nemesis in the books, Lord Voldemort.

What horcrux does Dumbledore try to destroy?

The ring.

Does RAB really get to destroy the horcrux in Harry Potter?

RAB is Regulus Arcturus Black. He's younger brother of Sirius Black. He stole The Slytherin's Locket and ordered Kreacher to destroy it who failed miserably. Then locket was stolen by Mundungus and further taken away by Umbridge. Finally Ron Weasley was able to destroy the horcrux.

Did Harry Potter die because he was a Horcrux?

No, he didn't die because he was Horcrux. Had he not been a Horcrux the killing curse would have killed Harry, instead of just the Horcrux.

How tall is Rab Harling?

Rab Harling is 5' 9".

How tall is Rab Affleck?

Rab Affleck is 6' 1".

Who is R e b from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince say?

R.A.B. is the initial on a note to Voldemort concerning a "horcrux" which he has destroyed. We learn in the last book what had been suspected before, that RAB is Regulus Arcturus Black, the older brother of Sirius Black.

 Did Voldemort destroy a horcrux?

Yes, the horcrux inside of Harry Potter

What was the final Horcrux?

Nagini the snake was the last Horcrux to be be created and destroyed.

What is the eighth horcrux?

There is no eighth horcrux, as Voldemort only created seven.

What nicknames does Rab Harling go by?

Rab Harling goes by The Mayor.