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Rihanna got scared in the car so she threw the keys out of the window when chris tried to drive off.

And he had to go get them.

and when he came back he was really angry and he apparently Choke rihanna and said that he was gonna kill her.

Then she called 911 and went to the hospital.


becAUSE he aparently had a sexual txt from some chick and she was questioning him about it so he hit her face into the window of the car with his wenis(elbow) repeatedly=]

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Physical abuse is caused when the abuser feels and inadequacy in their own lives and do not, choose not, or can not express these feelings in a proper way. This could have very well been a reason for the physical violence brought upon Rhianna from Chris Brown. At no time is this form of violence ok to practice or participate in. But also neither are other forms of violence which do not leave such obvious scars. Verbal, Financial, Mental, and Sexual violence are equally as bad and can be caused by the same reasons.

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She had gave him std




That's when one person cheats on another and have sex. Then goes back to their actual love and have sex that is a disease

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Yes, Chris Brown thought Rhinna was cheating on him, (which she totally wasnt) so he lost his temper and he hit her and screamed at her.

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Q: Why did chris brow beat up Rihanna?
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