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i heard Chris Brown hit her because Rihanna was abusive, didnt let him breathe and rihanna hit chris first.but chris brown does have a problem with his anger

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Q: Chris why did you beat Rihanna up you love her why did you do it?
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What did Chris Brown do to Rihanna?

Chris Brown beat her up.

Where did Chris Brown beat up Rihanna?

he did?

Did chris brown beat up rihanna in 2012?


Did Chris Brown cheat on Rihanna?

No Rihanna cheated on him that's why he beat her up and she gave him herpes

Is chris brown is that word because he beat up Rihanna?

Yah, he beat up rihanna but clarify your question I didn't understand it...

Did Chris Brown go to jail after he beat up Rihanna?

Yes, Chris Brown did go to jail after he beat up rihanna. Chris Brown Has noticed that what he did was wrong.

Did Chris Brown really get beat up for beating up Rihanna?

No he did not.

Why did Chris Brown and Rihanna stop dating?

Chris Brown beat Rihanna up and didn't want to get back together with him.

Did chris brown beat up Halle Berry?

No. Rihanna

How did Rihanna and Chris Brown fall out?

he beat her up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Did Lil Wayne beat up Rihanna?

no chris brown did

What do people like about chris?

because he beat up Rihanna