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Because there's no probable reason for Edward and Bella to be married so soon,and during the discussion, Charlie jumped to conclusions.

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Q: Why did charlie think that Bella was pregnant?
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What does charlie do when he finds out Bella is pregnant?

he does not figure out Bella was pregnant til he sees renesmee

Is charlie going to be a virgin for life?

If you mean Bella's dad in Twilight, how do you think Bella became... Charlie is her dad... get it yet...

What did Bella's father say after he knew that Bella is pregnant?

Charlie Never Knew Bella was Pregnant , he belivied she was ill (she kinda was) but then went Jacob told him about him being a werewolf Charlie came to see Bella looked at Rennesme on Bella's lap and when he looked in her eyes he noticed that it was his and Bella eyes and worked it out then. then he got anoyed for not being told the truth but Rennesme's charm won him over after that

Is Charlie acceptive with Bella having a baby?

he didn't know she was pregnant. and the book does not specify if he knew renesmee was Bella and Edwards baby or not.

Does Bella think shes pregnant in new moon?


Does Bella tell Charlie about the proposal in eclipse?

Yes, at the beginning of Breaking Dawn, Bella tells Charlie that she is marrying Edward. He goes purple, and Bella considers using the heimlich manouveur on him. He jumps to the conclusion that she is pregnant, until Bella reassures him that she is not! Read it, its my fave chapter in the book!

Does Bella want to get pregnant?

No. Bella definitely does not intend to get pregnant. The pregnancy was completely unexpected, as she and Edward did not think it possible for humans to have children with vampires.

What does Charlie Bella's dad think about his granddaughter?

he think she's beautiful and doesn't want to leave her

Is charlie okay when he finds out they are married?

Well, Bella is talking toCharlie about getting married and she says something like "OK Dad this might think this is shocking but . . ." Then Charlie thinks she's pregnant. And thinks about shooting Edward. (Edward is standing right next to Bella) But doesn't, then Bella tells him there getting married and he still freaks but calms down. (i've read the books) (This may not be in the movie)

In breaking dawn what does Charlie think Bella and Edward want to talk to him about?

that Bella is pregent... But they really just wanted to tell him that their engaged

What happens in in Breaking Dawn in the twilight series?

i think Bella gets pregnant with EDWARDS baby

What does charlie give Bella for her birthday?

Charlie gives Bella a camera for her birthday.